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Freestyle 105 - Five Design Principles - Availability

Title:  Freestyle 105 - Five Design Principles - Availability Episode video: Published:  22nd  February 2019 Hosts:  Malcolm Booden ,  Daren Fulwell Guests:  None In this episode Malcolm and Daren discuss the concept of Availability as a principle of network design.  The original idea for this discussion came from a series of blog posts, and now we give the first of them the Network Freestyle treatment!  The whole point of having a network is to ensure that networked services are available to the business - making availability the money maker!  And so, as a network designer, what can we do to keep the lights on?  Comments, corrections or criticisms always welcome.  You can contact us at  @netfreestyle  on Twitter or email us at .  You can also leave comments on the blog or on the Youtube channel - we look forward to hearing what you have to say - thanks for watching! Episode links: Five Design Principles for the