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Freestyle 108 - Five Design Principles - Security

Title:  Freestyle 108 - Five Design Principles - Security Episode video: Published: 4th April  2019 Hosts:  Malcolm Booden ,  Daren Fulwell Guests:  None In this episode Malcolm and Daren discuss the concept of Security as a principle of network design.  The original idea for this discussion came from a series of blog posts, and now we give them the Network Freestyle treatment!  As you put together a design for a network, what do you need to ensure that you address to provide an appropriate degree of security of the environment? How do you ensure you keep the bad guys away from your network crown jewels?  Comments, corrections or criticisms always welcome.  You can contact us at  @netfreestyle  on Twitter or email us at .  You can also leave comments on the blog or on the Youtube channel - we look forward to hearing what you have to say - thanks for watching! Episode links: Five Design Principles for the Network