Freestyle 103 - Demystifying Cisco IWAN

Title: Freestyle 103 - Demystifying Cisco IWAN

Episode video: 

Published: 13th January 2019

Hosts: Malcolm BoodenDaren Fulwell

Guests: None

In this episode Malcolm and Daren discuss the design principles, building blocks and behaviour of Cisco Intelligent WAN which was one of the first SD-WAN solutions to enter the market place.

IWAN is built on a foundation of several different well established network protocols inherent within Cisco routing platforms such as the ASR1k, CSRv1K and ISR 4k which are combined to deliver the IWAN solution.

Some terms and protocols which are covered include the following; Underlays, Overlays, Master Controller, Border Router, PFRv2, PFRv3, iBGP, eBGP, EIGRP with details and operational examples drawn on the whiteboard, along with working through a PFRv3 configuration and it's operation.

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