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Freestyle 102 - Introduction to SD-WAN

Title:  Freestyle 102 - An Intro to SD-WAN Episode video: Published:  19th December 2018 Hosts:  Malcolm Booden ,  Daren Fulwell Guests:  None In this episode Malcolm and Daren discuss SD-WAN, by introducing the technology and working through the key components, high level design strategies and some things to watch out for during deployment! Any comments, corrections or criticisms always welcome.  You can contact us at  @netfreestyle  on Twitter or email us at .  You can also leave comments on the blog or on the Youtube channel - we look forward to hearing what you have to say! During the making of this video, we researched the topic online and felt the following links might be useful to anyone doing the same: Open Networking User Group SD-WAN Use Cases White Paper SDX Central - What is SD-WAN?

Freestyle 101 - An Introduction to Network Freestyling

Title:  Freestyle 101 - An Introduction to Network Freestyling Episode video: Published: 11th December 2018 Hosts:  Malcolm Booden ,  Daren Fulwell Guests: None In this introduction, Malcolm and Daren describe what it is to be a Network Freestyler.  If you are the sort of person who can take a network design topic or technology and relate it to a customer or colleague in a conversational, freeform style, with the use of a whiteboard where one is available, then you are a Network Freestyler. Our intention is to publish a series of videos recorded in this style to provide a perspective on a number of network design topics, using real-life experience and design scenarios.  In this episode, you find out more about us as individuals and hopefully come away with a sense of our style and what we are trying to achieve in all this!  And you'll spot the obvious deliberate error almost straight away, which shows that we're making this up as